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Business Overview
We provide total support for the logistics needs of our clientele.
From the procurement of products and materials to product packaging, storage, and delivery, logistics requirements vary from client to client. There are various issues that come into play: timely and accurate procurement of products and materials; packaging requirements for various goods and materials; and meeting the strict delivery requirements of our clientele.
KOORI LOGITECH CO.,LTD. provides total support for your every logistics need. Through our extensive experience we endeavor to provide efficient services that meet your every requirement from point of origin to final destination. Moreover, using advanced technologies, we are able to provide an information system that comprehensively combines all logistics activities and equipment as required to achieve an optimal result. Our operations are based on reliability, flexibility and the cooperation of our enterprise groups.
As our community base is inland, in the Northeast, we can cover all over the Japanese capital region and local areas as well.

International logistics services
With the recent trend toward globalization, the interest in international logistics services to help businesses enter overseas markets is increasing. KOORI LOGITECH CO.,LTD. has recognized the potential and importance of an international network and we have set up a network of international companies. We have also set up a global logistics network without boundaries.

We offer the most suitable and low-loss means of sea transport.
KOORI LOGITECH CO.,LTD. provides export and import services that meet your product requirements for quality and quantity.
(Multimodal transportation : CY, CFS, conventional vessel, etc.)

We offer the most suitable and quickest means of air transport.
KOORI LOGITECH CO.,LTD. provides export and import to meet your product requirements for quality,destination, and time of delivery.

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